Teapot paintings by John Paul Raine


artist, specialising in painting 'teapots and flowers', with occasional landscapes, portraits and life drawings.
born: 27.01.1948
living in Aberdeenshire, North East Scotland

The teapot paintings were small, manageable pictures which were painted when I was earning my living with a full time job. They were done during my free time, often in improvised studios when I was working away from home, and they usually were made to fit into a suitcase. A lot can be said, artistically, within the simple format 'teapot and flowers', and over the years I have used it to develop my appreciation of the aesthetic values of colour, tone, composition and surface which are fundamental to painting.
Originally the teapot was there to give a context for the flowers. But you can't paint something over and over again without considering the symbolic meaning of it. So here is a sort of an explanation: when I was younger I lived in quite a chaotic way and meditation brought me back to a more ordered and productive life. Teapots seemed to be symbolic of the things I valued once I had sorted myself out.....a home....ordinary daily life...conversation and friendship... a certain British eccentricity perhaps...the pouring out of traditional spiritual knowledge (I'm an Aquarius, after all). At times the teapot even seemed a sort of Aladdin's lamp, a reminder of a more magical reality which might be found behind the facade of appearances....

These days I work full time as an artist and recently I have been painting Vases of Flowers as well as Teapots and Flowers. I like to know that I am part of a long tradition of flower painting which goes back many centuries. Until fairly recently artists have maintained themselves by selling their work to patrons or to the public, and I like to know that I am part of that tradition too.

I still practice meditation, but belong to no particular school nor follow any individual teaching.
My feeling about art is that it is a mysterious and ever changing thing, and it may appear where you least expect it. This is a wonderful time for art, and if you look beneath the surface of what is generally recognized by the great museums and salerooms, you will find the most astonishing and dazzling creations by artists all over the world. I would guess that for most of us Pinterest, art blogs, gallery websites etc etc have brought about a sort of mild culture shock which has upended our notions of what modern art actually is these days.

Gallery Heinzel, Aberdeen
Eion Stewart Fine Art, Stonehaven
Whitehouse Gallery, Kirkudbright
Gallery Q, Dundee
Frames Gallery, Perth

The Traditional and Decorative Art Goup, Aberdeen Art Gallery 1992
Haddo House, Arts Festival 2015
John Green Fine Art, Glasgow 2017
I have had very few solo exhibitions ...they are expensive and time consuming...and generally I sell my work on an ad hoc basis. I contribute regularly to group shows in the galleries named above.

the 'teapotpaintings.com' website was designed to showcase the small paintings but it has become an archive for my other pictures as well. In the 'figures' section there are drawings from my classes at the Folk Highschool for the Development of Consciousness in Havnsoe, Denmark. Transcendental Meditation is taught there, as well as music, Ayurvedic medicine and Vedic astrology. I was the art teacher at the school for ten years, 2008-18.

Since 2018 I have been offering paintings for sale from this website. If you wish to buy a picture, please email me using the contact form, or on johnpaulraine@hotmail.com. Post and packing will be added to the price. Some of the paintings are being shown in galleries, and only those which are in the studio will be sold direct from this site. All paintings are framed unless otherwise stated. Portrait commissions may be considered.
note:12/04/20 during the present crisis new paintings and drawings will be sold unframed at the artist's price, not at the usual gallery price.